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Dr. Nekeshia Hammond’s career has spanned over 15 years, and has been in private practice through Hammond Psychology & Associates, PA since 2009. Throughout this time, she has helped many children cope with and even improve their conditions. She is also booked internationally as a speaker on topics related to children’s mental health and social-emotional learning. Dr. Hammond has also appeared on renowned media outlets to discuss her topics of expertise.

Nekeshia Hammond is the host of BWE Mental Health Moment with Dr. Hammond garnering an audience of almost 1 million listeners on Facebook Live, an Amazon international best-selling author, speaker, and psychologist. She is the Founder and CEO of Hammond Psychology & Associates and former President of the Florida Psychological Association and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Ryan Nece Foundation Dr. Nekeshia Hammond is a licensed psychologist and owner of Hammond Psychology & Associates, P.A., a private practice serving children, teens, families, and adults. Her current focus is on completing psychological evaluations (Gifted, learning disorders, ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc.).

She was one of 25 psychologists in the country to receive the Early Career Achievement Award from the American Psychological Association. As well as one of 30 individuals selected out of hundreds of applicants to receive an Up and Comers Award from the Tampa Bay Business Journal for the Under 40 years old category. Dr. Hammond often consults with the media to increase public education about mental health issues, and she has been featured in Life Improvement Radio, CBS Boston, Essence, Tampa Bay Times, Deseret News, Tampa Bay Parenting, AM 1150 WTMP, Ebony, 105.5 WDUV, News 4 San Antonio, and more.

Involved heavily in the community, Dr. Hammond has been active with numerous associations, where she is a key psychologist at the state and federal levels. She advocates for patients’ mental health and mental health professionals. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Ryan Nece Foundation, where the mission is to “be a beacon to teens by empowering them to impact giving in their communities”. In 2016 and 2017, she served on the Executive Committee of the Ryan Nece Foundation.

Florida Psychological Association

Past President of Florida
Psychological Association

American Psychological Association

Nationally recognized with Early Career Achievement Award

Rising Media Stars

Serves on the Board of Directors
for Rising Media Stars

Ryan Nece Foundation

Serves on the Board of Directors
for the Ryan Nece Foundation

Tampa Bay Parenting magazine

Featured as “Extraordinary Woman”
in Tampa Bay Parenting magazine

“Treating a child’s condition is only the beginning.
The ultimate goal is always to restore
a family back to a state of wellness and balance.”

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professional motivational speaker | TEDx speaker

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