Dr. Hammond discussing key insights on Built, Not Born

Built, Not Born,” presented by Edge Leadership Academy | Podcast Episode:33 With Dr.Hammond

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Renowned psychologist, mental fitness coach, and workplace resilience trainer, Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, leads an exclusive podcast discussion, “Built, Not Born,” presented by Edge Leadership Academy.

Every Sunday, the podcast brings on a guest who is at the top of their career in leadership, culture building, and growth. These leaders will show up once and for all. Leaders are built, not born. This week, Dr.Nekeshia Hammond was invited to share her tremendous efforts in the field of psychology and share her experiences or guidelines related to various psychological topics.

Dr. Hammond brings her expertise to a wider audience, sharing gems of wisdom on strategies for balancing ambition and mental health, effective time management for high performers, gratitude in practice, and the importance of setting healthy boundaries to increase productivity.

Dr. Hammond’s ability to communicate complex psychological concepts in an accessible manner makes the podcast suitable for a diverse audience seeking practical guidance in the modern world.

Episode Link: https://dkitchen7863.podbean.com/

Please visit the link to watch the complete episode and learn about valuable life-changing aspects.

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