Dr.Hammond to Conduct “Mind Masters” Workshop

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Dr. Nekeshia Hammond will lead a session at the “Mind Masters” workshop during the inaugural Youth Wellness Workshop hosted by the Jackson In Action 83 Foundation. This event, on Saturday, August 3, 2024, at The Skills Center in Tampa, FL, is free for rising middle schoolers and aims to promote mental health and emotional well-being.

Dr. Hammond, an expert in mental health and leadership, will address parents, providing strategies to support their children’s emotional health. Attendees will receive a copy of her latest book, “Mindset Training: Conquer Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow.”

The event, organized in partnership with the Florida Blue Foundation and the Tampa Bay Lightning Foundation, features a keynote address from mental health advocates.The workshop includes breakout sessions where youth can engage in activities like yoga, art therapy, and pet therapy.

The workshop marks the third anniversary of Vincent Jackson Day, honoring the legacy of the foundation’s co-founder. Lindsey Jackson, co-founder of the Jackson In Action 83 Foundation, emphasizes the importance of mental health among youth and the foundation’s commitment to providing resources for emotional and mental well-being.

For more information or to register, visit jacksoninaction83.org.

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