Empowering Minds: Dr. Nekeshia Hammond Featured in IAW

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Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, has become a featured member of the International Association of Women (IAW). Recognizing the services of Dr. Hammond the International Association of Women published the article covering her journey of resilience and dedication.

Due to increased demand for mental health services, Dr. Hammond expanded her work beyond clinical practice into public speaking, media consultations, and community initiatives. Her leadership roles include serving as President of the Florida Psychological Association and leading the Ryan Nece Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Hammond’s journey began with a realization of the immense need for mental health support, prompting her to diversify her efforts. Her work has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and Essence Magazine. She continues to inspire a broad audience with her insights and passion for mental health. Dr. Hammond emphasizes the importance of balancing professional pursuits with personal fulfillment and values the supportive community of IAW.

Inspired by her late mentor, Yusuf Salaam, Dr. Hammond remains dedicated to empowering individuals and fostering mental health awareness. She aspires to educate millions on enhancing mental health awareness while cherishing personal moments with her family.

IAW provides a vibrant platform where ambitious women connect, support, and empower each other, aligning perfectly with Dr. Hammond’s mission to create a compassionate and supportive environment. Through her association with IAW, Dr. Hammond aims to further her impact on mental health awareness and continue her journey of empowerment and transformation.

For more details, read the full article here.

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