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Dr. Nekeshia Hammond to Inspire at Get to Worthy Summit 2024

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In a gathering sure to spark inspiration and empowerment, the illustrious Dr. Nekeshia Hammond will be gracing the stage at the highly anticipated Get to Worthy Summit 2024, slated to unfold on May 24th-25th at the captivating venue of The Story Factory in vibrant Philadelphia, PA.

With a sterling reputation as a dynamic public speaker and a visionary thought leader, Dr. Nekeshia Hammond infuses her presentations with an unparalleled blend of insight, fervor, and motivation. Her unwavering dedication to guiding individuals toward embracing their intrinsic worth perfectly echoes the core ethos of the Get to Worthy Summit.

Attendees eagerly anticipate the moment when Dr. Nekeshia Hammond steps into the limelight, ready to share her wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Her compelling presence promises to be a highlight of the event, offering attendees not just theories, but actionable strategies and profound perspectives that have the power to catalyze personal transformation.

The Get to Worthy Summit extends a warm invitation to individuals from all walks of life to partake in this enriching and transformative experience. Secure your place among the seekers of empowerment by acquiring your tickets through the summit’s official website at

Come, join us, and let Dr. Nekeshia Hammond ignite the spark of worthiness within you at the Get to Worthy Summit 2024 – where transformation begins.

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