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Dr.Hammond! An expert executive coach and a keynote speaker to provide you purposeful motivation for your goals.

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Are you searching for the perfect motivational speaker to ignite your team’s motivation? Dr. Nekeshia Hammond is the answer to your quest. An expert executive coach and a keynote speaker providing purposeful motivation that keeps you pushing forward until you achieve success.

Recognitions As A Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, a renowned psychologist and executive coach, is a leading motivational speaker known for her expertise in mental health, burnout prevention, and leadership development. As the founder of Hammond Psychology & Associates, she’s dedicated to promoting mental resilience and personal growth with a focus on leadership effectiveness, DEI initiatives, and work-life balance for corporate executives and business leaders.

Dr. Hammond has a remarkable resume, having served as president of the Florida Psychological Association and now leading the board of directors for the Ryan Nece Foundation. NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Essence Magazine, and key forums like Corporate Counsel Women of Color and TEDx have all covered her groundbreaking insights on mental health, and she has received multiple awards for her work. Read More

Inspiring Journey As A Public Speaker

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Dr. Hammond’s Speaking Topics

Work-life Balance

Do you have trouble maintaining a healthy work-life balance? Dr. Nekeshia offers customized work-life balance coaching to help you reach your goals at work without burning out.

Corporate Burnout Preventions

You need an executive coach who helps professionals cope with their work burnout. Don’t let your burnout affect your creative growth and invite Dr.Hammond as a Guest Speaker

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

With the prominent name as mental fitness coach. Dr.Hammond provides equity, diversity, and inclusion training to create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces.

Resiliency In The Workplace

She specializes in providing workplace resilience training, assisting organizations to maintain their creative growth. With corporate resilience training, Dr. Hammond enhances well-being among corporate employees.

Women Empowerment

Dr. Hammond's mission revolves around women's empowerment and enhancing leadership abilities. Her empowerment speeches as a women's leadership speaker allow her to help women break through barriers in their lives.

Self-Care and Leadership

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, a leadership keynote speaker, underscores the importance of practicing self-compassion as an essential component of leadership development.

Manage Depression Toolkit

Tips to Manage Depression for Youth

A toolkit designed to support and empower yongue individuals facing the challenge of depression.

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What Our Clients Say

Don't just take our word for it. Read what our satisfied corporate clients have to say
about Dr. Hammond's impact.

F. Crum
September 1, 2022
I feel fortunate to be in a community where diversity is celebrated. Even more so, to know that you and your organization are committed to educating, healing and inspiring people throughout the Tampa Bay region.
M. Beauboeuf
January 11, 2023
Your knowledge of the mental health issues children and teens are currently experiencing, particularly the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial unrest plaguing our country and communities, provided new insights and perspectives to conference attendees. As you were able to see from the comments that came through the chat feature of the platform, conference attendees were impressed with and educated by your presentation. Your professionalism, and that of your team, exceeded our expectations!
T. Johnson
September 1, 2022
Thank you so much to Dr. Hammond for her presentation over the weekend. She was wonderful and the reviews have been fabulous!
Dr. J. King
January 11, 2023
Dr. Hammond is one of the most amazingly brilliant women that I have had the pleasure to know. She spends a great deal of time educating, informing, and enlightening people on Mental Wellness, specifically Children. She is always professional and extremely humble. I am honored to have her as a Contributor to my Organization that reaches over a million people daily, via Social Media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a motivational speaker do?

A motivational speaker is an exceptionally skilled and dynamic public speaker who gives inspiring speeches that energize their audience. They are essential guest speakers at conferences, seminars, and corporate events, inspiring and motivating their audience.

What is the role of an executive coach?

An executive coach helps executives, managers, and leaders by providing specialized coaching. Along with the executive coaching services, an executive coach provides feedback, support, and strategies to improve leadership effectiveness.

What is the objective of work-life balance training?

Work-life balance coaching is designed to assist individuals struggling to maintain a balance between work and personal life. A dedicated work-life balance coach equips participants with techniques for responsibility management and the prevention of work burnout.

What is a women's empowerment workshop?

A women’s empowerment workshop helps women reach their potential. These sessions feature skill-building activities and women empowerment speeches delivered by accomplished women leadership speakers, who are among the top motivational speakers across the globe.

Who can be a keynote speaker?

Keynote speakers, often leadership keynote speakers, are prominent, influential figures who give the main address at conferences and seminars. These individuals are sought after for their expertise in fields like work burnout prevention, equity diversity, inclusion training, etc. They provide insights, engage the audience, and set the ambiance. Their engaging, informative speeches leave a memorable impression.

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