Podcast Episode: Overcoming Overwhelm, Self-Care, and ADHD: Dad’s Survival Guide on Feel Good Fatherhood

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In a recent episode of the “Feel Good Fatherhood” podcast, Dr. Nekeshia Hammond stole the show with her expert insights on ADHD and burnout prevention. Hosted by the charismatic Jay Twining, the episode tackled essential topics surrounding ADHD, parenting, and mental health.

Dr. Hammond’s expertise on ADHD was truly eye-opening. She emphasized the importance of thorough evaluations and a collaborative approach involving pediatricians, educators, and therapists to support children effectively. But that’s not all; she also shared practical strategies for parents to practice self-care and manage anxiety.

The conversation on “Feel Good Fatherhood” was nothing short of inspiring. Dr. Hammond’s emphasis on positive thoughts and behaviors as potent tools for mental wellness was truly enlightening.

Watch the complete episode from the link below.

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